Carbon Sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions in (agro) Sylvopastoral Ecosystems in the Sahelian CILSS States

DynACof: A Process-Based Model to Study Growth, Yield and Ecosystem Services of Coffee Agroforestry Systems

The DynACof model was designed to model coffee agroforestry systems and study the trade-offs to e.g. optimize the system facing climate changes. The model simulates net primary productivity (NPP), growth, yield, mortality, energy and water balance of …


Coffee-flux is a platform where collaborative research on coffee agroforestry is promoted: data are being shared between collaborators and positive interactions are enhanced. The philosophy is to concentrate several investigations on one specific site and for several years, to share a useful common experimental database, to develop modelling and to publish results in highly-ranked scientific journals.

MACACC project (ANR-13-AGRO-00)

The MACACC project (Modelling to ACCompany stakeholders towards Adaptation of forestry and agroforestry systems to global Changes)


A soil-plant-atmosphere model based on MAESTRA and SPA